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Z karty SD wgrać, Format FAT kopiujemy najpierw UPD potem resztę plików, Power, ładowarkę podłączyć, potem reset chyba, nie pamiętam dokładnie. Jest opis Mstar Solution-Firmware update and burning Instruction-100426

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Mstar Solution-Firmware update and burning

Operation Instruction

Version: A/4


TOC \o " 1-3 " \h \z \u HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810281 " 1?
Description PAGEREF _Toc259810281 \h 3

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810282 " 1.1. Function 3

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810284 " 2? Prepare SD card PAGEREF
_Toc259810284 \h 3

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810285 " 2.1. Rename 4

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810286 " 2.2. Format SD card 4

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810287 " 2.3. Copy the update files 4

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810288 " 3? Process of updating and burning
firmware from SD card 5

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810289 " 4? Update LOGO sepretely. 6

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810290 " 5? Radar ditector 6

HYPERLINK \l " _Toc259810291 " 6? Notes 6

1, Description


Adopt to Mstar solution firmware update

2, Prepare the SD card


Please prepare one empty SD card. Rename the Removable Disk, delete the
name and press enter! (still named in Removable Disk) then format the SD

Picture1 Rename Picture 2 After Enter,
named in Removable Disk

Note:Do not change the disk name, eg. Named Removable Disk to
XiaoMing's Disk. Please delete the name and press Enter. The system
will rename in Removable Disk.

2.2, Format the SD card

Requirements: 2GB(<=2GB),Must use the FAT16(FAT)file system

Picture3. 4 FAT16(FAT)file system format

2.3, Copy the update firmware

Open the SD card, copy the UPD file to SD card first. Then set the UPD
file to only for read. Note: please make sure the UPD file is the first
file to be in SD card.

Picture5 UPD file copy to SD card first

UPD?IPL2501? S_ xip.bin/L_
xip.bin)?LOGO.BMP?APP etc., total 7 files to the SD card.:

Picrure6 Other files copy to SD card

3, Progress update or burn the firmware from SD card



















???:??? &amp; ?´??`



Picture7 Updating image

Then picture 8 come out

Picture 8 Copy the APP to NAND FLASH

After copy, the system inform to take out the SD card, and reset the
device. Please press Reset key. (If after reset, device does not power
on automatically, please press POWER key) Update successful.

Picture 9 Inform update successful. Please take out of SD card and

Note:1.Must take out SD card before Reset

2. If in burning tool, no need take out SD card, must disconnect power
supply and replace the flash. Then repeat the 5st step.

Device reset, system initialize. After screen calibration, firmware
update finish. (Burning tool no need this progress)

4, Update LOGO separately

If the customer want to change the LOGO( opening image), progress as

Only put LOGO file in SD card.

Reset device to enter update statue. After 5s, reset the device, then
customer can see the updated LOGO

LOGO file request:

BMP format

4.3 inch resolution is 480*272(HD 5 inch resolution is 800*480);

File name must be LOGO;

Must be 16 degree color picture, or 15 degree.

5, Notes

After preparing the SD card, other files in the SD card can not
influent the update.

5.2 If do not want the SD card is effective updating SD card, just need
to rename the UPD file to XUPD

While update the device, must connect to charger, but not USB cable