Instrukcje obsługi Black and Decker j. Angielski

SDC740 SDC750 SDC850 SERIES 1000 SG100-SG200 SG100-TT SK1212B SK1215 SK200-SK200C SK600

Troubleshooting Tips


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Water leaking from
the soleplate.

This a v e


Condensation has built up in the
Steam Hose because of a long pause
(greater than 5 mins.) in ironing.
Temperature is too low.

Plug a lamp into the outlet and see
if it lights. Or, flip the wall switch.
Allow it to preheat for 10 minutes.
Wait until the Temperature Light
goes out. On some models, a Steam
Ready Indicator light will come on.

There may not be enough water in
the Tank.

Check the water level and fill,
if necessary.

You may not have held the Surge
of Steam button long enough.

Steam or hissing from
the Safety Fill Cap.

Don't fill the Tank to the top.
Press the ON/OFF button.

The outlet is activated by a wall
switch or is not working.
The Boiler didn't preheat long

Iron won't start

Move the Dial to the "Steam Band"
between blend and linen.

Boiler Water Tank is too full.
The Power is not on.

Boiler Water Tank
won't heat.

Hold the iron away from your
ironing board and press the steam
button until it produces steam.

Press and hold the Surge of Steam
button 5-10 seconds. This is
important for each new ironing
After filling, be sure to tighten the
Safety Fill Cap closed.

Safety Fill Cap may not be on tight.
You may have tried to open the
Safety Fill Cap before using up all
the steam.

Brown streaks
coming from the
holes in the soleplate.

You are using a chemical descaling

Continue ironing with full Steam
before opening the Safety Fill Cap.
It's normal to get a little hissing
when you first open the Cap.
Never use this type of product;
it can damage the steam
generator iron.

Tap water may be high in iron or rust.

The iron soleplate
looks dirty or
brown; it may stain
your fabric.

Try distilled water. Never use
additives in the water for ironing
(lavender water, etc.).

There are small charred bits of fabric
built up in the soleplate holes or in
the space between the iron cover
and the soleplate.
You may be using too high a

Clean the soleplate.

You may be using starch incorrectly.
(SG100 / SG200)

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Use the fabric guide on the iron to
choose the right setting for your
Always spray starch on the
underside of the fabric to be ironed.

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